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BFT Action - June 5th, 2020

BFT Action--JUNE 2020
Dear BFT Members,

You're in the home stretch! As educators, you've been essential in maintaining stability in student's lives. It hasn't been easy, but your spirit, organization, and creativity have shined in our community. You've done all of this while continuing to organize and fight for the schools our students deserve. 

Check out the video and sign the BFT Take Action virtual petition, if you haven't already. The password is BFTPetition.

This BFT Action includes our recent resolutions, a link to the BFT distance learning survey and more. If you haven't seen it already, make sure to read BFT President Matt Meyer's statement in support of the fight for racial justice and against police brutality.


Take the BFT Distance Learning Survey! Your voice is essential is understanding member input for distance learning next fall. Make sure that your voice is heard! You can access the survey here.


Recent Resolutions

Since March, the BFT Executive Board has approved several resolutions. The Common Good Demands Resolution was developed by Labor Notes and labor activists across the country. It defends the rights of workers against the Corona Virus. BFT members worked on the AFT SPED Resolution  which CFT recently approved. The BFT Executive Board has also approved the resolution  Free All Immigrant Detainees- Stop Covid- 19 Deaths 

Make sure to check out the two newest resolutions passed by the BFT Executive Board:

 Free COVID-19 Testing and PPE: BFT opposes returning to school sites without free and widespread testing for staff and students as well as proper PPE provided.

 BFT Resolution on Black Lives Matter and Racial Equity : BFT supports the fight for Black lives, a vision of police abolition and supports the creation of a member led equity committee focused on anti-racist organizing.

You can find resources here:


CFT Town Hall- Tuesday, June 9 @ 4:00 p.m.

This town hall will update everyone on the status of the state budget, state guidelines to reopen schools, and will make sure that members and local unions have the resources and support needed for schools and students. 
There will also be time for questions so that CFT can better understand the challenges everyone is facing.

Register for the town hall using this registration link.


California Alliance for Community Schools (CACS) Town Hall
Friday, June 12 @ 5:00 p.m.

Join educators throughout the state of California for a virtual town hall. This town hall will bring creative minds together so that we can best serve our students in this new era. 

Look out for an email later this week with more details and a link to join.

The California Alliance For Community Schools (CACS) has developed a statewide petition that fights for well-resourced, community-centered, publicly funded and democratically run schools. 

BFT is part of CACS and has been instrumental in developing this petition. You can access this short video presentation about the petition to learn more. Then, you can go ahead and virtually sign the petition. The password is BFTPetition.

Schools and Communities First Update

Schools and Communities First has OFFICIALLY qualified for the November 2020 ballot! This is fantastic news. 

To celebrate, the Schools & Communities First coalition will be holding a virtual rally on Wednesday, June 10th from 5:30 – 6:30 pm. Join and show your support for this historic ballot measure to reclaim $12 billion a year for our schools and local services!
Passing Schools and Communities First is now more important than ever!


Join BHS Students and BFT Members
 Tuesday, June 9 @ 4:00 p.m.
San Pablo Park


Recent BFT Accomplishments

- Educators have been able to get back into facilities to get supplies.

- BFT has advocated for more time for members to pack up classrooms. 

- There's been a participatory process for fall conversations. 
- A grievance was settled to get subs paid correctly and reduced the number of jobs for their stipend.


School Board Endorsements

After a lengthy, detailed and thoughtful 90-minute discussion at our large General Membership meeting on May 21, our membership has voted to endorse Judy Appel and Ana Vasudeo for School Board for the November 2020 election.

Judy Appel is a social and racial justice champion and was a leader in the successful effort to pass Measures E, G and H.  Ana Vasudeo is the Vice-President for Equity for the PTA Council and a parent activist at Cragmont Elementary.  She works daily with schools, students and teachers as the leader of the Safe Routes to School program for San Francisco schools.  Ana is a union member (Local 21) and was very active in the campaign to pass Measures E, G and H. 

We look forward to helping both of these candidates win in November! 


CalSTRS Webinars

CalSTRS offers webinars that are designed for early, mid-career or nearing retirement. Communicating virtually now is more important than ever. Register today so you can plan ahead by better understanding your CalSTRS benefits.

You can find more information about upcoming webinars here.

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We've also highlighted moments over the last few months from the Measures E, G, and H Campaign and Schools and Communities First. Check it out!

Be sure that you also follow BFT on Facebook where upcoming actions and news are regularly posted. 

Update on Course Approval:

HR is not requiring a course approval form through this summer. You will turn in a new form (that has not been created yet) with your transcripts when we return. Essentially this means that all courses that receive course credit are 'approved'. 

Check Your Email Over the Summer!
It's not your typical summer! Make sure to check your email this summer, so that you can stay up to date on important updates about school in the fall. 
Interested in a Job Share?
If you are a K-5 teacher interested in a job share for 2020-2021, please contact BFT asap so we can connect you with other teachers seeking job shares!
Voluntary Transfer Rights in BFT/BUSD ContractVoluntary Transfer Rights in BFT/BUSD Contract
The BFT/BUSD contract provides teachers the right to request a voluntary transfer to an open position at a different school so long as as they have a positive evaluation and meet certain criteria (e.g. certification, credential, minimum years experience, specialized training, etc.). If you have questions about how to make use of your rights in the area please contact BFT President Matt Meyer at You should also make sure to carefully monitor certificated job postings in your email. 
Calendar of Coming Events
6/9/20- CFT Town Hall-  4:00 p.m.
6/12/20- CACS Town Hall- 5:00 p.m.
6/12/20 - Last Day of School