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Executive Board

BFT Executive Board 2024-2025

Elementary Site Reps

 BAM –  Berkeley Arts

 Ruby PG & Nick S (co-reps)


 Mollie B


 Molly S

 John Muir

 Debbie R

 Malcolm X

 Kathryn M


 Erik D

 Rosa Parks

 Lisa B & Rosa M (co-reps)

 Ruth Acty

 Jenna H & Abigail R (co-reps)

 Sylvia Mendez

 Andy H

 Thousand Oaks

 Daniel K




Middle School Site Reps


 Mariam A-S


 Juliana J
 Crystal P


 Andrea P
 Andrew R


Berkeley High School Sites Reps

 AC –  Academic Choice

 Ann S

 AHA - Arts and Humanities


 AMPS - Academy of Medicine
 and Public Service

 Diane K

 BIHS - Berkeley International
 High School

 Justin V

 CAS -  Communication Arts &

 Amanda D


 Addison F & 
 Megan P (co-reps)




 Nick P

 SPED - Special Education

 Veronica S &
 Chris "Gil" G  (co-reps)

 U9 - Universal 9th Grade 

 Tobi S

 VAPA - Visual & Performing Arts
 / Physical Education

 Noah L

 World Languages



Other Site Reps

 Adult School

 Boi A & Laura G

 Independent Study

 Yvette F & Co-rep OPEN

 BTA - Berkeley Technology

 Amanda C

 CDC - Child Development

 Deborah T

 BEARS - Berkeley Excellent
 Academic Road to Success

 Latasha W


 Aimee L

 School Psychologists

 Susan D


 Sabrina K


 Hilary T

 SPED 6-8              

 Ananda E

 District TSA- Teacher on
 Special Assignment

 Jennifer N


 Isabel F