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BFT Action - August 22nd, 2018

In this issue: 1% Raise and 1.5% Bonus for 18-19, BFT Accomplishments, AD-15 Endorsement
BFT Action--August Welcome Back Edition 
1% Raise and 1.5% Bonus for 2018/19!
BFT members will receive a 1% raise and 1.5% bonus this year. 

As negotiated, non-hourly BFT members will receive a 1.5% bonus with their September 30th paycheck. 

The bonus will be calculated based on the 18-19 salary schedule. Look out for our annual “How to Check Your Paycheck” email at the end of September, which will include instructions on how to check your new salary and bonus.

Hourly BFT members will receive a 1.5% bonus on August 15th, 2019. 

BFT Accomplishments 2017-2018
  • This past year BFT led a successful campaign to convince the School Board to avoid cuts to schools sites as part of significant cuts being made to balance the budget.  Critical site-based positions, such as counselors, Safety Officers and crossing guards were preserved.  Hundreds of BFT members came out to two different Board meetings to join with parents and classified workers to preserve these positions, and to demand that BUSD make central office, rather than school site, budget adjustments.
  • Even in the midst of budget reductions, BFT members will experience a 2.5% total increase in compensation this year, and teachers in 1st through 3rd grade will experience a four-fold increase in their prep time per week.  Students will receive greater access to specialized PE and Science instruction as a result of this change.
  • BFT and the BFT Teachers of Color Network continue to fight for greater diversity in our teaching staff.  In large part due to BFT and TOCN pressure, BUSD submitted a revised application for state funding for a classified teacher pathway.  The grant was awarded, and this past spring 12 classified grant fellows were welcomed to the program.  BFT will be helping to support these fellows this year, and will push for BUSD to create more fellowships going forward.
  • BFT members engaged with their union in record numbers in 2017-2018.  Teachers mobilized to Board meetings, attended union membership meetings, recommitted to union membership, participated in the Women’s March and that National Day of Action for Safe Schools, and wore “Red for Ed” on multiple occasions in support of our colleagues in other states.  BFT sponsored a well-attended training on Immigrants Rights and participated in the Berkeley Sanctuary Task Force.
2018-2019 Contract Campaign
As we head into the new school year, we have an ambitious agenda to highlight and address the Sustainability Crisis impacting our members and our families.  We will wage a strong and effective contract campaign and continue to be integral to efforts to reform Proposition 13 in order to adequately fund schools in California, and to address the housing crisis in our area.  

We know that when teachers and classified staff can afford to have a long career in Berkeley we are able to develop strong relationships with students and families.  When educators can pay their rent, save to buy a home, and have affordable healthcare, they create a powerful team that can offer the individualized instructions our students deserve. In this reality teachers can stay in the teaching profession, and in BUSD. These are the things we will be fighting for this year.


Sign Up for a BFT Speaker's Training
BFT will be offering Speaker's Trainings this fall as part of our Contract Campaign. Over 40 members have already attended and many spoke at School Board meetings last spring. At our training members learn about our Sustainability Crisis frame and develop their own speeches. An organized consistent approach will set the stage for a strong contract campaign. Email Matt Meyer, BFT Vice-President, if you are interested in attending a speaker's training this fall.
October 11th Contract Campaign Kickoff
We will be kicking off our 2018-2019 Contract Campaign on Thursday, October 11th at the Berkeley Adult School Multipurpose Room and we are asking ALL BFT members to attend.  This event will take place from 4pm to 6pm and you will leave informed, energized and engaged.  There will be an overview of our goals, our narrative and our proposed contract campaign plan, and a chance to actively engage with this campaign.  Please mark your calendar now and plan to attend.  Our ambitious goals will depend on the active participation of all BFT members to be achieved.
BFT Endorses Jovanka Beckles for AD-15
We are proud to endorse Jovanka Beckles for AD-15. Jovanka is a true progressive candidate. She is running her campaign free of all corporate donations. Jovanka's platform focuses on health care for all, expanding housing, reforming our criminal justice system, protecting our environment and promoting public education. She supports a moratorium on new charter schools.
Come to the Labor Day Cookout and meet educators from other local unions on Monday, September 3rd. Be sure to wear your BFT T-shirt!
Join BFT for the RISE for Climate Jobs and Justice March in San Francisco on September 8th. Unions and other labor organizations are organizing a Labor Contingent to demonstrate that runaway climate change is a labor and working families issue. These organizations and BFT support a rapid just transition to a 100% renewable and sustainable energy economy.  Take the pledge to join the Labor Contingent on 9/8.

We will meet with the Labor Contingent at the intersection of Steuart and Market Street at 10 am.

Wear your BFT T-Shirt!

Join the Downtown YMCA with No Registration Fee
All BFT members are eligible to join the Y without paying the $99 - $150 enrollment fee during the month of September.  You can also try out the Berkeley YMCA for free from September 14th through September 27th.  To join, go to the Downtown Y with a photo ID and your BFT membership card.  If you do not have a card please call BFT at 549-2307.
AFT UNION + Benefits
As a member of the BFT and the American Federation of Teachers, you receive benefits and discounts through AFT's Union + program

One new benefit is Identity Theft Protection. Click here for more information on how to sign up. This benefit is FREE to members.

If you are not a BFT member and you want to join, please call 510-549-2307.

Did You Move Classrooms This Summer?

Teachers who are required by a district administrator, including principals and vice-principals, to move classrooms are entitled to receive up to twelve hours of pay at the curriculum development rate. We recommend that you keep a copy of the time sheet you turn in to your administrator.

Calendar of Coming Events
8/27/18 First Day of School
9/6/18 Elementary School Back To School Night
9/13/18 Middle School Back To School Night
9/27/18 High School Back To School Night
9/30/18 Last Day to Apply for BPSF Grants
9/10/18-10/5/18 Open Enrollment for Benefits
10/11/18 - Contract Campaign Kick off at Berkeley Adult School Multipurpose Room
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