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Voluntary Peer Coaching

Information and Process

General Information:

  • Article 18.8 in BUSD/BFT Contract

  • All permanent BUSD teachers are eligible to apply to this VOLUNTARY program.

    • An evaluator/administrator cannot require a BFT member to participate.

    • This program is unrelated to the evaluation process, is confidential, and non punitive.

  • Possible reasons for applying to be a Voluntary Participating Teacher (VPT) and be paired with a Peer Coach (PC):

    • New grade level/subject/school

    • Assignment outside credential

    • Want to improve teaching practice through 1:1 work with a non evaluative peer coach

    • Have individual PD needs that are not being met through district wide staff development days nor through site/department/grade level meetings


  • Up to 10 hours of collaboration (depending upon needs/goals)

    • PC paid at the curriculum development rate

    • More time possible with BPAR Panel approval

  • Activities may include:

    • Assistance with short and long term curriculum planning/design

    • Support with classroom management and relationship building with students and families

    • Sharing materials/strategies/tools/techniques

    • Demonstration lessons (and debrief) by PC

    • Observations of VPT

    • Team Teach Lessons (VPT and PC)

    • Up to 2 Lesson Cycles

      • Pre Lesson Planning (VPT and PC)

      • PC Observe Lesson by VPT

      • Post Lesson Debrief (VPT and PC)

    • 1 day sub for VPT to observe other teachers with PC

Peer Coach Responsibilities

  • Click HERE for more detailed information


  • Rolling application process (you can apply anytime during the year)

  • Prospective VPT submits application to BPAR Coordinator

    • BPAR Panel will consider a request for a specific PC

  • BPAR Panel will approve/deny application.  

  • If approved, 

    • VPT will be paired with a PC

    • VPT and PC will be notified with the number of hours approved

    • VPT and PC create a short professional development plan (along with BPAR Coordinator)

    • PC is required to to keep a time log spent on coaching activities and a time sheet each month.

    • At the end of the time together, VPT and/or PC may be asked to provide reflections to the BPAR Panel.

*If you have further questions about Voluntary Peer Coaching, please contact the BPAR Coordinator (