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Step & Column--How to Calculate

How to Calculate Step and Column: 




August 15-16: hired into BUSD with 8 years of comparable teaching experience

15-16 = Step 9

16-17 = Step 10

17-18 = Step 11

18-19 = Step 12

19-20 = Step 13 

Calculating Step Placement:

*Must work 75% of the days of the school year to advance to next Step

*FTE doesn’t matter

*Teachers coming to BUSD with service in other districts: Work with all previous school employers counts as long as the “75% of the days of the year” rule is met and the employee had a credential

*Maximum Initial Step placement is 19 in 2023-2024

*Based on semester units

*1 quarter unit = 2/3 of 1 semester unit

*9 quarter units = 6 semester units

*To move over on the salary schedule, NO prior course approval is REQUIRED


Examples of courses:

-- Special Ed Tiers 1 & 2

-- Master’s degree courses

      -- Clearing your credential

      -- Teacher Induction

      -- Reading Recovery training

      -- CM Training

      --FOSS Training

*All transcripts and Inservice Credits must be turned in by November 1st but before July 1st to move a column for the same year. Transcripts turned in after November 1st but before July 1 will be applied to the beginning of the next school year.



Updated 9/12/23