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Personal Necessity and Personal Leave (Updated)

You can find information regarding Personal Necessity and Personal Leave in the contract here:

12.6. Personal Necessity Leave

12.6.1 A teacher may use up to a maximum of nine (9) days of accumulated sick leave annually in cases of personal necessity listed in Section 12.6.2 below.  Whenever possible, a request for this leave shall be made in writing to the immediate supervisor prior to taking the leave or in any event no later than twenty-four (24) hours following the start of the personal necessity leave.  A teacher may be required to further substantiate the need for such leave. 

12.6.2 Personal Necessityt Leave may be used for reasons such as:

  • Appointments to see a lawyer

  • Wedding in the family 

  • Religious observance

  • To attend professional conferences 

  • To attend an educational event for a minor child or dependent 

  • Emergencies 

  • Death of a member of the teacher's immediate family 

  • Serious or critical illness of a member of the immediate family 

  • Appearance in court as a litigant 

  • An occurrence of an accident involving the teacher's person or property or the person or property of a member of the immediate family 

  • In the case of death of a member of the teacher's immediate family, such leave may be in addition to normal bereavement leave.

It is understood that Personal Necessity Leave is for instances of personal need, not for recreational purposes, vacation, travel, or that which is related to activity for which the teacher may receive additional remuneration.  The District may request the reason for Personal Necessity Leave days if there is reasonable doubt regarding this use.  

12.6.3 In the event such Personal Necessity Leave absences extend beyond the nine (9) days available, additional approved absences shall be deducted from salary.  The amount of the deduction shall be the number of working days absent times the daily rate of pay.  The daily rate of pay for teachers shall be the annual salary divided by the number of days in the annual school year as defined in California Code of Regulations 13520. 

12.18 Personal Leave

12.18.1 A teacher may use four (4) days of earned sick leave during the fiscal year for personal reasons. The leave may be taken in one-half (1/2) day or whole day increments. It is understood that Personal Leave days will not be used to extend District Holidays, non-student work day or recessess or related to activity for which the teacher may receive additional remuneraiton.

12.18.2 Teachers intending to take such personal leave shall notify the site administrator prior to taking the leave.

12.18.3 Each day of personal leave taken pursuant to this section shall reduce the maximum number of days of sick leave the teacher may use for personal necessity leave under section 12.6 (e.g. a teacher taking four (4) days of personal leave could use a maximum of five daysy of sick leave for personal necessity leave). The aggregate amount of personal leave and personal necessity leave taken shall not exceed nine (9) days annually.

Updated 11/20/19