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Negative Evaluations

Q: If I receive a letter in the mail from Brent Daniels, Director or Personnel, telling me I have received a negative evaluation after a substitute assignment, what should I do first?

A: The first step is to provide a copy of the letter and the negative report to one of your site reps, or to the main BFT office.  Please be sure to give us a copy and to keep the originals for your own records.  You can make copies at the BFT office.

Q:  What are my rights in this situation?

A:  You have a right to respond in writing to the negative report and to request that your response be attached to the original report in your personnel file per Article 15.7.3 of the BFT/BUSD contract.  We strongly recommend that you have a BFT Site Rep or officer review a draft before sending your final letter.  Be sure to carefully proofread your letter before providing it to Mr. Daniels.

You also have the right to request a meeting with Mr. Daniels.  You must make this request within five days of receiving the negative evaluation.  It is best to talk with a BFT Site Rep or officer before requesting such a meeting.

Q: What is the deadline for me to submit a response to a negative report?

A: You have 30 WORKING days to submit a response.  You should hand deliver your response to the Human Resources office (2nd floor of the BUSD administration building at 2020 Bonar Street), or scan your response into an email to Brent Daniels (  If you hand-deliver your letter, be sure to get a receipt.

Q: Why is there no place on the form for me to respond?

A: Your rights in this situation are exactly the same as for any K-12 teacher.  When K-12 teachers receive a letter of reprimand or a negative evaluation, they have the right to respond in writing and to ask that their response be attached to the original document in their file.  They do not have the right to add their comments to the original document.  The daily report form is a BUSD form and BFT cannot negotiate the content or format of this document.

Q: If I think the negative report is incorrect, can I contact the classroom teacher to ask them to change or retract the report?

A: BFT strongly advises against doing this.  You need to exercise your right to respond.  If your account varies greatly from the report of the teacher, BFT can advocate that the district do an investigation.  It is not in your interests to contact the reporting teacher, and you should NEVER contact the teacher at their home.  Contact the BFT office or one of your site reps if you feel that the negative report is factually incorrect.

Q:  What are the consequences of a negative evaluation?

A:  One negative report does not carry any consequences.  If you receive two (2) negative reports from the same school you can be blocked from that school for a 12-month period.  If you receive three (3) negative reports in a 12-month period you can be removed from the BUSD substitute list.  After 12 months you can request reinstatement.

Q: What are some of the best ways to avoid a negative evaluation?

A: Here are some of our recommendations:

  • Be on time to the assignment, and to each part of the assignment.

  • Do not repeatedly cancel jobs you have accepted.

  • Make arrangements to park your car in one place all day.

  • Get assistance early on if you are struggling with classroom management; call the main office.  Do not argue with students; do not use sarcasm or raise your voice.  Keep in mind that many students have cell phones that can take videos; do not do or say anything you would not want a principal or vice principal to view on video.

  • Follow the teacher's lesson plans.  If you cannot do this leave a detailed note as to why, and keep a copy of both documents for your own records.  Do not add activities to the lesson plan that you think students need.

  • Always have an emergency activity ready.

  • Actively teach the class and monitor student behavior.  Regularly walk around the classroom.

  • Do not read or use an electronic device.  

Q: Who are the 2019-2020 bargaining unit substitute Site Reps and how do I contact them?

A: Your 2019-2020 Site Reps are:

Shauna Rabinowitz




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