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February/March 2017 Political Action Alert


Berkeley Teachers are Fighting for Public Education

BFT Members Participate in Teachers Across Berkeley Contract Campaign Kick-off 

Thank you BFT members for a great Teachers Across Berkeley event.  Every site participated in Teachers Across Berkeley and collectively we engaged with businesses in every corner of the city.  Your activism is a critical part of our contract campaign and ensuring that all students have access to high quality public schools.

International Women's Day: March 8th Activities
Willard, Cragmont, Jefferson, Washington, and Malcolm X all held rallies at their sites on March 8th to honor International Women's Day and to protest Trump's anti-woman agenda. Thank you to all those who participated.  
Many sites have been participating in their own site based actions. Please send us your creative ideas for protest, organizing, and mobilizing that are happening at your site! If we're going to survive the Trump administration and protect our students, we'll need to all work together in a bottom-up, grass-roots fashion! Let us know what you're doing!  
Many sites have been making phone calls and writing letters to resist the Trump administration.  At Cragmont, there has been consistent weekly activism by a team of teachers fighting for public education and resisting the Trump agenda.  Pictured here are BHS counselors and staff writing letters at lunch.