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Course Transcript Submission and Salary Advancement

Q: I am planning to take classes to help me advance on the salary schedule. How do I make sure these courses will “count” toward advancement?

A: Your course must be from an accredited university/college and be for a grade.

Q: How can check how many credits/union the district has on record and/or how can I submit my transcript for evaluation?

A: Completed the following form, Certificated - Transcript Submission Evaluation or Balance Inquiry Request .You will have a chance to review our calculations and request corrections if needed.

Q: When do I have to complete these courses if I want them to count toward salary advancement next year?

 A: The course end date isn’t that important, but you cannot take a fall semester class for the same year you want to advance on the salary schedule. e.g. if you want to advance on the salary schedule for the next school year, summer session this year is your last chance for in-person, university-based, traditional coursework. The real important deadline is for submitting transcripts--see below for more on that.

 Q: When do I have to submit transcripts?

 A: You must submit transcripts by November 15th or July 1st (to apply at the beginning of the next year). If transcripts are not available by November 15th, a letter of verification from the university or college specifying that the work has been completed will suffice, but this must be submitted by November 15th. To submit transcripts, you must bring SEALED, official transcripts in person to Human Resources at 2020 Bonar Street Suite 206 Berkeley CA 94702, Attendtion to Betty James. Electronic transcripts can also be emailed to If the District does not process your electronic transcripts before they expire, unofficial transcripts will be accepted.


Updated 7/29/23