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Accomplishments 2020-2021

BFT had many victories last year in advocating for our members, our students and for quality public education.


  • Distance Learning and Re-opening

BFT negotiated throughout the summer and school year a Distance Learning and Re-opening plan that prioritized health and safety. BFT was able to secure vaccine availability for all members as a precondition to going back to sites. Distance Learning schedules were created with teacher input and voted on by the membership. 

  • Contract Victories

BFT successfully signed a contract through June 2022 that includes a 1% raise from the BUSD general fund and 3.5% bonus from one-time funds. This is on top of a 12% raise over the past two years. There were significant salary increases for our preschool teachers, a middle school advisory implementation plan and stipends for teachers who have BCLAD credentials among many other victories.

  • Statewide Engagement     

BFT joined the California Alliance for Community Schools (CACS) and has been an essential part of the statewide conversation among local unions. BFT leaders met with the CACS group of 11 other California educator unions regularly to discuss how our collective power creates the schools that our students and educators deserve. There was a statewide rank and file meeting on school reopenings and a meeting for Site Reps across the state. In addition, BFT sent 5 members to be part of the Statewide Platform Committee.

  • High Member Participation and Engagement

BFT held regular membership meetings this past year as well as summer Executive Board meetings. Members came out to speak at Board meetings on a variety of issues. Our members took surveys and held site meetings throughout the year. We continued our visually appealing monthly e-newsletter, negotiations updates, and vibrant website.  

  • High Union Membership       

BFT maintained a 98% membership rate and increased the number of members making voluntary monthly contributions to our PAC fund. Our union is as strong as ever.

  • Covid Response

Behind every working member is a family, and BFT ensured workers were protected during this pandemic. Our Distance Learning and Re-opening MOU victory included new protections in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. BFT partnered with the district and city officials to include educators on the list as employees to be prioritized for access to the Covid vaccine. This along with other safety measures like surveillance testing allowed for a safer return to classrooms.

  • Election Victories

BFT organized multiple phone banks to support our endorsed candidates in the 2020 election. We successfully elected both the BFT endorsed School Board candidates in a crowded race.