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Help Guide to Payroll, Benefits, & Human Resources

Help Guide to Problem Solving with Payroll, Benefits and Human Resources in BUSD from the Berkeley Federation of Teachers


  • It is best to contact all of these departments using email.  We do not recommend using the phone under any circumstances.  If you choose to contact these offices by phone or in person ALWAYS follow up with an email that summarizes what was discussed and decided. 
  • All BUSD emails are  For example,
  • Be sure to KEEP A COPY of any correspondence or forms you turn in to any of these offices.  When submitting documets to BUSD, we recommend that you deliver ALL DOCUMENTS to BUSD as a scan into an email.
  • Be sure to always keep your paycheck stubs or green receipts, and copies of all of your absence certificates.  These documents are often critical in solving problems.


If you suspect an error for any reason (i.e. incorrect step or column placement, incorrect FTE%, incorrect stipend amount, incorrect calculation, incorrect deductions such as for health benefits, TSA, Section 125, retirement, etc.,) follow these procedures:

1) Email your Payroll Specialist:

2) If you report your paycheck problem to your payroll specialist listed above and receive no response in a few days or the problem continues unresolved, email Payroll Supervisor Nicole Caldwell and include:  

  1. Your name and school site
  2. A short written description of the problem, and
  3. The date(s) you contacted your Payroll Specialist and what response you received.

3) If your underpayment remains unresolved after a week, please contact BFT at with the same information listed above in #2.


The Benefits office handles all matters related to medical, dental and visual (VSP) insurance, in addition to the life insurance all BUSD employees receive and the Employee Assistance Program.  If you believe your benefits deductions are incorrect on your paycheck, or you have a question about your benefits you should email Eman Elkelani.

NOTE: Do not use the email address as it is not monitored.

If you do not get a reply to your email and resolution to your question or concern please send an email to Benefits Supervisor Kimberle Sanders(note spelling) with a cc to BFT at

If you talk to a Benefits Specialist in person, be sure to follow up with an email summarizing the discussion.  


If you have a question or concern regarding Workers’ Compensation Insurance you should contact Betty Torrian-Lee, Workers Comp Specialist.  If you talk to Ms. Torrian-Lee in person, be sure to follow up with an email summarizing the discussion. You can also find Workers’ Compensation procedures information on our Workers' Compensation FAQ. If you do not get a reply to your email, please contact Benefits Supervisor, Kimberle Sanders (note spelling). Please cc BFT.


Contact Brent Daniels, Director of Human Resources, with a cc to Sheila Rose, Human Resources Specialist, via email if you have a question or concern about:

  • Your FTE
  • Your status (Temporary, Probationary I, Probationary II, etc.)
  • Resigning
  • Your step and column
  • Your Employee Information Verification form
  • Submitting transcripts for new courses you have completed
  • Moving over a column on the salary schedule
  • Whether you were placed correctly on the salary schedule when you were hired

Leave of Absence Requests:

If you are requesting a leave of absence, including medical or child-rearing leaves, you should email your request to Brent Daniels, Director of Human Resources with a cc to Sheila Rose, Human Resources Specialist. You should include a completed Leave of Absence Request form.   There is also an FAQ on Leaves of Absense.

Sick Leave Balance

If you have a question about your sick leave balance you should email Sharon Vernae in the Human Resources Department.  If you do not get resolution to your question please email Brent Daniels, Director of Human Resources, with a cc to BFT.

For BAS teachers, please contact Mildred Scherr.

STRS Service Credit and/or Contributions

If you have a question related to STRS you should contact Payroll Supervisor Nicole Caldwell.

Change of Address

To report a change of address, change of name, etc. to all BUSD departments, including Payroll, complete the Change of Address form and scan it to Sheila Rose. You must complete, sign and scan this form; a simple email is not enough.  

Request for Prior Course Approval

Requests for prior course approval (so that salary advancement will occur) should be emailed to Evelyn Bradley, Assistant Superintendent.  Our FAQ on Course Approval has more information.

Contacting BFT

The best way to contact BFT is to send an email to  


Updated 8/9/18